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Derrick Grace II

"IHB" Video Game 2023-2024 - FREE ACCESS NEXT 500 JOINERS

"IHB" Video Game 2023-2024 - FREE ACCESS NEXT 500 JOINERS

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After several years of building, switching teams, investing, and plotting, the "IHB" video game is officially here. Set to roll out exclusively on PC through RP, you can now begin joining our private server for your access. 

The game is set to take place between multiple maps within both Florida and California. The "IHB" video game server will take you on a wild ride of financial education, dominance, and real life applicable lessons. Whether it be regentrification, tending to your mental health during gameplay, or a wild and necessary shoot out with the opposition, you can expect it all to come full circle with the "IHB" video game. 

What can you expect to do within the video game?

  • Roleplay
  • Take on missions
  • Free roam
  • Create custom homes, cars, and lifestyles based on your ability to thrive and make money
  • Run physical businesses, apply for jobs, and much more
  • Problem solving, knowing when to use your intelligence or brute force
  • Practical real life situations we encounter daily in our personal and business lives
  • Commit to a life of crime, good, or simply work your 9-5 and stay out of the way
  • Interact, kick it with, and learn from DG on a daily basis via gaming
  • Much much more...


What's needed to join the server and get started? It's very simple...

  1. You must have a Gaming laptop or Computer desktop. 
  2. Must download an application called "FiveM" which you'll receive your private link, once you order is completed. 
  3. Following your order, you will receive direct access to the Server to begin partaking in the "IHB" world. 
  4. Keep your head up and eyes open! DG is a sharp shooter!!
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